The Big mistake in Syria

There is no peace for Syria people. And the dirty game with salafist militia will lead to uncertain future. Meanwhile Kofi Annan on Thursday resigned as the United Nations and Arab League envoy to Syria as violence escalates in the 17-month conflict that has killed around 20 thousand people, UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon said in a statement. With this resignment most likely is fading the last chance for a negotiated solution. Slaughter and syrian people blood will stain again the country’s future. The dictator, the Lion of Damascus, will not find a place in muslim paradise, but even leader of countries that seems to help fighting opposition will not find easly that beloved place. Washington stepback from the front line of Great Middle East – the so called Obama doctrine – to keep better the Far East problem (China) had some umpleasent outcomes. First, regional and mediterranean actors now feel free to play their onwns games. Second, in a period of great economical crisis, who have money to put on table, leads. Third, the history seems doesn’t teach anything to anybodies. The first point drive for Syria a strange situation. Saudia Arabia, Quatar, France and, a bit far from the scene, Turkey are pursuing their onwns interests in Syria affair. Saudia Arabia want push a sunni regime to bother Iran influence on region, and preserve a leading role while al Saud dinasty is in a very fragile position: they benefit of the biggest sell of weapons from Us in the history, but most experts put Riad and his feudal ruling close to be overhelmed by a new Arab spring. Quatar and the prince al Thani are taking advantage from Lybia operation pact to spread Doha influence on arabic world. France, after decades of political frustration (from 1956, with Suez crisis) because of Washington will to put europeran colonial countries out of Maghreb and Meshraq game, want to play again its grandeur shaped role. Turkey is the only country that are really concerned about people of Syria because of several family bonds among turkish and syrian communities. Ankara needs to control a buffer zone to secure ist border and play a balanced role with Teheran. Now there are evidences of training camps, in Northern Lebanon, ruled by Saudi Arabia, Quatar and France intelligence. Those bases are hosting, arming and treating injured fighters – in Tripoli has been seized an hospital to this task – hundreds of salafist coming from Lybia, Tunisia, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. This groups of jihadist maraud across the Syria border, assaulting villages, establishing sharia, killing people. They would help to overthrow al Assad regime, but till now they have just help it to last. Why? Their crude violence just confirmed the fears of syrian minorities as christians, alawits, curds that after Assad will come hard times for them. Now for Syria crisis there isn’t a B plan, it is just a big mess. Even if Aleppo will fall it doesn’t mean that the battle for Damascus will be easy. And the historical mistakes made supporting Saud and wahabbism, against hashemits, jihadist against Soviet Union, are going to be doubled. Even in Syria.



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